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Course on Fundamental Analysis for Students
Course on Fundamental Analysis for Investor
Course on Technical Analysis for Students
Course on Technical Analysis for Investor

Corporate world works on Facts and Data, which are used every day to make corporate decisions. This process has been greatly simplified by the advent of spreadsheets that can be used for data modeling. Modeling is the task of building a representation (a model) of a corporate decision making situation. Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet programme that is used as a tool to create and manage corporate business planning, customer records, business intelligence, analyses of sales data, customer data, performance data etc.

In the corporate world, the advantages of Excel are limitless. Excel can be used to perform complex calculation efficiently and organize and analyze large volume of data. Excel can be customized to perform a wide variety of functions that many businesses cannot operate without it. Moreover, various scenario analyses can be conducted on the financial model. A user can estimate the impact of changing a variable, like estimated growth, on the business forecast. Due to its compatibility, availability, ease of use, and customization excel is the most important computer software program used in the workplace today.

Application of Excel in different streams of management
Finance:- Finance professionals use the Excel for preparing financial models (historical and estimated), value product analysis, overview of financial performance and many more calculations.

Sales and Marketing:- Professionals in marketing use Excel to create the details of a marketing plan or business plan, an investor database along with their investment details, the competitive analysis of the product portfolio, MIS etc.

Human resource:-Professionals use Excel to create the job performance index, employee review and individual performance over a period of time.

Equitorials offers a one day workshop on Microsoft Excel Modeling on how to use the applications of MS Excel in daily work-life to achieve new milestones by bringing efficiency & accuracy in your work. This one-day instructor-led course provides students with the skills to analyze data sets, create dynamic worksheets by using different application, create charts and graphics, automate repetitive task and collaborate the workbooks.

Our approach will be classroom based, one day workshop of ~ 8 hours; learning will be practical and case study based with hands-on examples. Complementary reading material will be provided. The students should be having a computer with the pre-loaded MS Excel program.

Key Course content

• Excel Overview : Use of Excel - its boundaries and features
• Data and Conditional Formatting, Custom Settings and Basic Commands
• Filters, Queries and Data Sorting
• Formula writing
• If-Then-Else command
• Graphs and Charts
• Pivot Tables and macros

Upon Completion of this course, students will be able to:
• InBuild models, i.e. represent any given financial situation in terms of a excel spreadsheet
• Customize workbooks
• Analyse data
   - Identify trends, growth rates, key ratios etc
   - Perform scenario analyses, i.e. analyze the impact of changing individual values
• Work with multiple workbooks
   - Use data from one workbook in another
• Import and export data from online sources and databases

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