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Course on Fundamental Analysis for Students
Course on Fundamental Analysis for Investor
Course on Technical Analysis for Students
Course on Technical Analysis for Investor

Rachita Revankar, MBA Student
Equitorials showed me the right path towards making my career in equity research. The faculty is highly professional in this field. They are very friendly and have always helped me in my queries patiently with a proactive approach. This course has equipped me with practical experiences rather than bookish, theoretical knowledge. I recommend this course for all MBA aspirants who want to make a career in equity research and for those individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge and investing in Stock market.


Rajesh Umbarkar, MBA Student
Action is the foundational key to all success but action needs some direction. Equitorials has shown me that direction. With personal attention, basic market knowledge and practical approach, my base has become stronger. Selecting Equitorials is that moment of decision when my destiny was shaped. Thanks to Equitorials!



Ritesh Bagaria, Manager, Bloomberg
Team Equitorials can be described as brilliant instructors, extremely motivated and passionate about stock market. They make learning easy and enjoyable. When I joined I thought I knew Profit & Loss (P&L) and Balance sheet (BS) statement, but I was proved wrong. With the help of softwares anybody can make these statements. But can you read them and make sense out of them? Like can you figure out what is the type of the business by looking at the balance sheet? Can you find if the numbers are genuine or fraud or misrepresented? Or if the business really makes money or not? That’s where Equitorials makes a difference.


Mohit Khaitan, Private Equity Team, Motilal Oswal
After tracking all the companies that reported fantastic numbers I realised it’s not the P&L, B/S that makes or breaks a company. It’s something else and that’s what differentiated men from the boys and Equitorials from normal faculty & course. Above par, their long experience in market showed me the real way how the market functions and how an analyst should analyse a company rather than focusing on quarterly numbers. The level of knowledge about stock market and passion for teaching was simply unbelievable. I would recommend Equitorials course to only those who want to make their career in stock market and not just a high paying job.


Chirag Mehta, Investment banker, Stellant capital advisory service
After undergoing this course I have realized two things (1) you can’t understand the stock market and how it functions in 2 days or 1 week, (2) stock market doesn’t function by looking at excel. There is a tremendous amount of importance that many students give to excel based financial analysis. Unfortunately that is not the case in reality. After undergoing training with Equitorials, I have understood excel is there to help you make decisions and not to make decisions for you.



Vishal Bhojani, MBA Student
I am Vishal Bhojani pursuing my MBA in Finance .One good decision I took was to join EQUITORIALS. Certainly the guidance I received from EQUITORIALS was just superb. The faculty team was very knowledgeable and also very very helpful, if you have any doubts you can call them up or go and meet them in personal or send an email they are always available. The best part about EQUITORIALS was they build a great thinking process in our minds.


Pooja Chowksey pursuing MBA/ FINANCE.
It’s being a great experience joining EQUITORIALS. I feel I have taken a right decision of joining this class. I always wanted a break into mainstream finance and after my very first interaction with the EQUITORIALS team; I was convinced that this is the opportunity that I was waiting for. The faculties are extremely good and are very helpful in guiding and training me.
They put loads of effort to train and impart knowledge. They do not differentiate among students on their educational background or on the basis of prior experience. Every student is given an equal opportunity and a fair chance in class to learn and excel. The best part of the course is that we are not only taught on the subject but have discussions on the day to day happenings in the industry.

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