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Course Objective

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Course on Fundamental Analysis for Students
Course on Fundamental Analysis for Investor
Course on Technical Analysis for Students
Course on Technical Analysis for Investor

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating securities and forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past price and volume. Technical analysis uses little or no information about the actual business behind the stock with a belief that its price represents all known information about the company.

This course is designed to educate the participant about various techniques, methods, tools, market trends and price patterns used in technical analysis. This study will enable the participant to make investment/trading decisions.

We focus on empowering individual participant with tools and techniques that brings out a confident trader in you and enables each one to take independent trading decision staying away from the rumour, noise & tips in the market.

This course is designed for students, professionals, house wives and anyone who has interest in stock market.


Course Content

1. History of Technical Analysis
2. Dow Theory
3. Continuation and Reversal Patterns
4. Japanese Candlestick Patterns
5. Theory of Moving Averages
6. Oscillator Analysis
7. Technical Analysis and Derivatives
8. Formulating a Trading System
9. Money & Risk Management Strategies
10. Case Studies
11. Software Training
12. Successful Investment Strategies

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Special Focus on:
1) How to find stock.
2) How to decide on price target.
3) How to decide on time frame for investment/trading.
4) Which stock to avoid.
Duration – 2days (Sat/Sun)
Timings – 10am – 5.30pm

The only pre-conditions that we have for this course are:
1) You should know how to add, subtract, divide and multiply any 2 numbers.
2) You should be able to read & write basic English.

As you can tell from the above, there is almost no requirement for this course. However, there are certain set of people for whom we believe this course would prove to be of immense help, like

• MBA students looking to make a career in Stock Markets.
• People considering a career shift to stock market.
• People planning to be entrepreneurs in stock market.
• People looking for additional income (professionals/house wives) continuing with their existing job.

As such you need not possess any prior knowledge about stock markets or finance. We would be building the entire framework for you in which to analyse a company.

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