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Course on Fundamental Analysis for Students
Course on Fundamental Analysis for Investor
Course on Technical Analysis for Students
Course on Technical Analysis for Investor
At Equitorials, we are of firm belief that we can learn the most by sharing what we know. To further help students and investors in mastering the markets, we are starting a new knowledge series. In this series we will get the leaders of the industry to share their knowledge of stock markets and related fields. The first segment we are starting is Talk with Wizards Of the Street (WoS). We will publish interviews of Heads of Research, Fund Managers and Chief Investment Officers of various Asset Management companies & Stock Broking Firms, where they share their experiences, success & failure stories, how they became what they are and above all, what it takes to be a successful Analyst. Please feel free to share this with your students. Also, do let us know your feedback or any question that you would like to ask WoS. Mail us on with the subject WoS.
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