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Course on Fundamental Analysis for Students
Course on Fundamental Analysis for Investor
Course on Technical Analysis for Students
Course on Technical Analysis for Investor



Learn from professionals
Equitorials’ faculty consists of professionals who have worked for years across the spectrum of the stock market. They come from diverse backgrounds like Equity Research, Fund Management and Investment Advisory. Having faced all the stages of the market, from boom to bust to recovery, they know exactly what investors’ psyche is while putting their money in the markets.

Unique combination of skills
Besides being professional investors, the faculty is also richly experienced in training. This is a unique combination of skill sets that enables the faculty to deliver their content effectively. They have conducted numerous client seminars and trained hundreds of corporate professionals. They are regulars on media, featuring frequently on both television and print.

Personalised approach
Our participants come from a diverse set of backgrounds. They may be housewives, IT professionals, businessmen, full-time investors, salaried employees and many others. We understand that they all have different requirements and come with different educational backgrounds. They all need to be given personal attention so that they derive the maximum learning out of our course. We ensure this by a personalized approach to teaching and by keeping the batch sizes small.

Life-long support
Learning is a continuous process, which does not end with the completion of a course. When you join a course at Equitorials, you are not signing up for a short duration program, but you are entering into a life-long partnership, in which Equitorials would be available to you throughout the lifetime.

Stock market simplified
Stock market can be a very complex place if one does not have the right thinking framework. We help you develop your thought process in a very simplified manner. Our course is designed in such a manner that irrespective of the background, individuals understand the concepts easily.

Application-based learning
Our course is based more on the application of concepts, rather than just theoretical knowledge. Throughout the duration of the course, participants would learn how to practically apply the knowledge that they gathered from the course, meaning participants would start seeing the benefits of their learning in class itself.

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