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Course on Fundamental Analysis for Students
Course on Fundamental Analysis for Investor
Course on Technical Analysis for Students
Course on Technical Analysis for Investor



As a research analyst you have a number of options at your disposal a) work with Stock market related firms b) work with non- stock market related companies or c) be your own boss by being an entrepreneur.

Stock market
You can work as a professional Research Analyst with Stock Brokers, Investment/Merchant Bankers, Private Equity Firms, Asset Management Companies (Mutual Funds), Wealth management firms (companies that typically manage wealth of the entire family), Endowment funds (college, university or donation led funds), Pension funds (retirement planning & saving funds), Hedge funds (cross country- asset class, multiple strategy user fund)

Non-Stock market 
As a research analyst you can be a valuable asset to your company in different roles. You can work with consulting firms that assist various businesses in strategy formulation, enhancing business performance etc. The other option is to work with a company in their Investor Relation (IR) (for listed companies) and/or Strategic/corporate planning department alongside the Chief Financial Officer and the Investor Relations manager.

This is another lucrative option that the field of analysis can provide you. As a professional Research Analyst, you would have a strong knowledge base of finance and investment. You can open up your own shop of financial management for individuals or families and manage their wealth for a fees. You can also set-up your own stock broking firm through an easy franchisee route

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